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Cloud Consulting

Business Consulting   

  1. Business Case & ROI Rationalization  ( Sela will understand the core business model & functionality of the customer’s business along with their anticipation of futuristic growth. We help the decision makers to make an ideal choice to opt Cloud Computing model for better agility & innovation against the on premises infrastructure expenditure.
  2. Cloud Adoption Approach ( Sela takes care of an end-to-end process for designing an appropriate strategy for customer’s successful journey to Cloud. Our team of industry experts work very closely with the customers & help them to create the best framework & roadmap for their journey to Cloud.
  3.  Account Management  ( Sela manages the accounts for its customers even if they are hosted on Multi-Cloud Platform ( GCP & AWS ) & provide them the consolidated invoice for their monthly consumptions. We give our customers an access to a unique dashboard ( Sela Billboard ), which will give you the detailed analysis of your routine consumption of various Cloud resources.

Cloud Technical Consulting Services

Managed Private Cloud

Design, Deploy and Manage scalable your own IaaS, PaaS or SaaS private cloud which meets your external and internal requirements assuring BCP and Compliances with investment protection and well acceptable ROI. Along with these consideration Sela will help you maintain TCO (Total Cost of Infrastructure) as low as possible with desired goals.

Strategic Migration Services

Public or Private or to have Hybrid infrastructure is strategic decision based on different requirements.  Capex or Opex which model is right for you? How can you enable your team use collaborative software using Secure VPN or Private or Public Cloud?  Each organization has different compliance needs.  Similarly scalability requirements too differ along with business continuity.  There could be some data or applications which may reside on your private cloud while some on public. So our certified well experienced consultant’s team will help you take right justified, acceptable decision strategically and help you migrate to cloud.

Big Data, Analytics and IoT Integration Services.

Meeting Compliances and SLAs are not easy tasks. You will need to monitor, analyze lot of data and then report accordingly. With thousands of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices you can get lot of data at given point. So all such devices can be connected and integrated with process automation for better productivity. This applies to all industries in different verticals whether its Auto industry or Pharmaceutical, or Packaging, Non Renewable Energy Companies like Wind or Solar, or Metrological Services can take advantage of our services wherein we help develop, integrate end to end solution with very efficient big data analysis which is delivered through web-app or mobile app platform with desired scalability. We will take care of all aspects of solution which includes selecting complete stack e.g right database for you whether its Sql or NoSql, horizontal scaling along with backup and restore needs, IoT devices and their integration with your application addressed.

Consulting Services Secure Application Delivery.

Securely deliver application to different set of users who carry different privilege is a challenge in this web and mobile friendly world with optimum performance.  Open Source software usages has its own set of security and legal aspects those need to be addressed. Identity and Access management for IT infrastructure has different scope than Application access. You can have federation services with your existing IAM solutions or even you can think of using SAML services for your web application for ease of use and flexibility with compliance. Our team is well versed to deal with such challenges and ready to help you reducing your time to market.

DevOps with Agility

Automation is key takeaway of industry buzzwords and Continuous Integration (CI) Continuous Delivery (CD) is key to success and the way to adopt Agility. It is not just sufficient to move your infrastructure to Cloud. You need to address all aspects of CI/CD and need scalable infrastructure without capex. With appropriate Automation in CI /CD Sela team can help you concentrate on your key competencies reducing time to market of end product. You can just concentrate on designed scalable functionality. Our managed services can take care of not just automated scalable infrastructure but even understanding your test requirements and help automate functional, load and performance testing with standard frameworks or customized framework just to suite your project needs.