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Technology Consulting

Change is the only constant and the world of technology is constantly changing. Navigating this constantly changing world of technology is a daunting task. In the always connected world, there is a lot of information available on all the latest technologies, platforms and processes. However, understanding how to use these in the most efficient way, without spending weeks and months on trial and errors can only be achieved with mentors and experts in that domain or technology.

In our technology consulting services, our team of experts help you, right from choosing the correct technology offering for your problem, to making sure the technologies are used in the most optimized way. In addition, our team of experts can help you apply industry standard best practices to your solutions – in terms of design, coding, testing, deployment, production system maintenance and monitoring and all other aspects of solutions development, deployment and maintenance.

The various areas in which we can provide technological consulting are:

  1. Cloud Computing: We help design infrastructure architecture for the cloud. This could be multi-cloud environment, a hybrid solution or a pure one cloud solution. We help optimize the architecture to make maximize resource usage and minimize billing. We also make sure all the correct security policies are applied.
  2. Mobility Solutions: We help architect mobility solutions with emerging technologies that work across multiple platforms, frameworks and devices. We help create a technology roadmap to incorporate mobility in all your solutions and offerings, making mobility an enterprise solution.
  3. Dev-Ops Automation: Automation in the build-test-deploy cycle helps in reduced go-to-market times for all your solutions. We study your build processes and recommend the right tools and environments to automate the entire cycle of build, test, deploy – including load and performance tests.
  4. Enterprise Solutions: We help integrate the various facets of your organization’s operations to help you build enterprise solutions, with special focus on bringing legacy systems to cloud-based technologies.