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Technology Training

One of the key tools in ensuring efficient software development and other related IT subsystems are employees that are upto speed with latest technologies and advancements. Employees that are given opportunities to upskill themselves are also highly motivated and perform better.

We at Sela , have been delivering quality trainings in all the latest technologies for over 10 years. We believe in helping organizations upskill their employees through high quality trainings, delivered by experienced professionals who have over 20 years of development and training experience. All our trainings have plenty of labs, hands-on session since we firmly believe that the best learning is by doing.

Our portfolio of trainings includes:

  • Java, Java internals and Java based frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate etc
  • Cloud Computing including simple virualization techniques to IaaS and PaaS.
  • Big data and analytics
  • Mobility and related tools and platforms

We periodically conduct such training in our offices that are open to all.

We also work closely with your organization in understanding your technology training needs, the experience level of the attendees and create customized training programmes that are designed to be effective and help on-board employees onto new technologies as soon as possible.

We also specialize in conducting intensive, immersive, customized training programs for fresh graduates. These programs give a holistic software development training to fresh graduates helping them understand software development processes and tools in addition to technology. This helps in getting them to be productive from almost day 1.