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The Parliament of Idan Raichel: GenAI Remix




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Reading 3, Tel Aviv

Immerse Yourself in the Symphony of the Future: The Parliament of Idan Raichel: GenAI Remix


Sela and Google Cloud | June 4th | 19:30-23:00 | Reading 3, Tel Aviv


Get ready to witness a musical phenomenon where artificial intelligence reimagines the genius of Idan Raichel! We're thrilled to invite you and your spouse to an exclusive evening unlike any other: The Parliament of Idan Raichel: GenAI Remix. Prepare to be transported on a mind-blowing journey through sound as AI unlocks new sonic possibilities within the iconic music of Idan Raichel.


The evening doesn't stop there! Ishai Ram, EVP at Sela, will join us for a thought-provoking lecture on "Shadow AI," exploring the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence. And to culminate this unforgettable experience, the one and only Idan Raichel will grace the stage with a special performance! Witness the magic firsthand as AI-infused arrangements breathe new life into his beloved music.


The event kicks off at 19:30 and promises an unforgettable evening filled with innovation, musical brilliance, and a glimpse into the future of sound. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


Here's what awaits you:

  • A mouthwatering Dinner! 
  • Welcome by Sela CEO  - Ron Sprinzak
  • Welcome by Enterprise  Google Cloud BU Director - Ariel Salpeter
  • Two captivating lectures -AI from different angles

         "Shadow AI" by Ishai Ram, EVP at Sela

         "Practical Ways to Use Gemini for Your Business in Google Cloud"

           by Ariel Jassan, ML Specialist, Google Cloud

  • A groundbreaking performance: The Parliament of Idan RaicheL

This invitation-only event includes a +1.

Please RSVP  by May 19th, 24 to secure your spot on this remarkable occasion.  

See you there!

Reading 3, Tel Aviv