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Cloud(s) Skilling

As the leading technology skilling institute for decades, Sela skilling as a service provides our clients with continuously skilled and guided talent on premise, and upskills our clients’ team to strengthen their capabilities.

Sela cloud-skills talent for the industry, providing thousands of people with their leap into the coveted cloud industry.

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Cloud(s) Skilling
for Clients

New Skilling

We provide complete introductory courses for understanding the essentials of Cloud-Computing. We can skill individual resources and students or groups in our client's offices, online, or in our high-end facilities.


The cloud is wide and deep. You will need to specialize and get in-depth for each topic. We have courses by-role that will guide you to your next level in your cloud journey.

Continuous Skilling

The cloud never ends. You will need to keep your self updated and properly skilled in order to keep up-to-date. We offer learning paths and vendor specific certifications to make sure you are updated with the latest from each cloud.

Need to skill a team?

What we offer for teams – We can deliver a dedicated course for your team. Either on your company facilities, on-line or at Sela’s facilities, and by that giving your team a chance to detach them selves for their day-to-day activates. We can also help you tailor the course according to your specific team needs, prerequisite and prior knowledge.

Need a skilled team member?

What we offer for individuals – In case you have one or few individuals in your team that requires skilling, they can join our public courses (on-line or at Sela’s facilities), where they can get skilled, and can interact with peers from different organizations to share ideas, problems and solutions.