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Sela’s FinOps teams enable the integration of IT and financial responsibilities within your organization to optimize cloud management, reduce costs, and implement new discounting strategies. Let your teams collaborate without the need to compromise on speed, price, or quality. Our FinOps expertise and tools provide the accurate data needed to make effective decisions and achieve cost-effective cloud computing that delivers both flexibility and performance.

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With our FinOps expertise and software, your operations manager will have access to actual data to monitor his expenditure and make precise decisions for attaining cost-effective cloud computing while maintaining service flexibility and performance.
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Dec 2023

Make Cloud Computing an Asset Instead of a Challenge for Your Business to Overcome

The right FinOps solutions let your team enjoy the scalability and versatility inherent to cloud computing without the barriers it often presents. Reduce costs, eliminate barriers to collaboration, and optimize your cloud economics.


FinOps Services With Sela

Cost Optimization

Maximize your resources and reduce costs with cloud cost optimization. Our FinOps engineers take a comprehensive approach to cost optimization, targeting the fundamental inefficiencies costing your business money. With expertise and the latest tech, we optimize resource use, pricing, and architecture to develop a solution that addresses your cloud cost management needs.Read More

Cost Analysis

Understand your cloud infrastructure and identify how spending correlates to performance and results with our cloud FinOps cost analysis. We will establish the critical cost-optimization metrics your team needs to refine your cloud computing methods and assess business value based on the actual costs that your cloud resources incur.Read More


Know where your company stands and where it needs to go with comprehensive cloud computing reports from Sela. Our FinOps engineers provide a thorough evaluation and ongoing monitoring to enable accurate planning and forecasting for your team. Understand benchmarks for your cloud services and know for a fact the impact of your decisions.Read More


What FinOps Does for Your Business

The right cloud FinOps solutions benefit your business in many ways. Sela provides the combination of experience and valuable tools needed to address these key areas that affect the success and growth of your organization. Our comprehensive FinOps solutions deliver lasting benefits across your entire organization.

Make Better Decisions

FinOps services from Sela let your teams access critical data concerning cloud use and impact on making more effective decisions. Whether reacting to new events or developing long-term strategy, increased transparency and real-time insight let your teams make the right calls. You’ll have accurate data that enables true business-value-based decision-making.Read More

Improve Resource Use

Cloud economics optimization from Sela lets your business make full use of the cloud resources it needs while reducing costs to a minimum. Key insights into resource use, pricing, and architecture allow our FinOps engineers to identify solutions that save money for your company without compromising on performance or flexibility.Read More

Collaborate Seamlessly

The right cloud computing resources let your teams collaborate more effectively. Sela can identify and provide key solutions and software that address your unique business needs while maintaining cost efficiency. You can empower your teams to perform better and improve KPIs with versatile, cost-effective cloud solutions.Read More


Choose Your Service Model

Sela provides FinOps services through various models that let your business achieve the ideal solution for its needs. We’ll work with your team to reach a service agreement that delivers optimal cloud computing benefits for your organization.

Proactive FinOps

The world of cloud computing is constantly shifting, and use, pricing, and infrastructure don’t remain constant. Proactive FinOps optimizes cloud computing costs for your business and maintains that optimization as your company and the resources it relies on change. Ongoing monitoring and real-time reporting ensure that you’re always using available resources as efficiently as possible.Read More

On-Demand FinOps

Your team can significantly boost cost efficiency and operational flexibility with on-demand FinOps from Sela. Optimize your current resource and infrastructure use and identify critical areas for improvement with our optimization and analysis services. Receive the reports you need when you need them to have a tangible impact on your operations.Read More

FinOps as a Service

Improve accountability and increase clarity around your cloud computing spending with FinOps-as-a-Service. You can enjoy a solution that scales with your business as you experience growth or find that your needs have shifted. Achieve the full benefits of cost optimization and analysis while leaving everything to the experts at Sela.Read More

Anodot Cloud Cost Optimization

All of our clients receive access to Anodot multi-cloud cost allocation and optimization tools. Achieve real-time monitoring that correlates your business KPIs with cloud metrics to optimize your spending continuously. Alongside ongoing support from our FinOps engineers, this powerful tool can revolutionize how your business sees cloud computing.Read More


Operations Teams Optimization and Automation Technology

Spot by NetApp gives operations teams optimization and automation technology that helps them ensure performance, reduce complexity and optimize costs. Give your cloud workloads the benefits of best-in-class operations.


Dynamic & Automated Optimization of Kubernetes Workloads

ScaleOps is a Kubernetes Optimization Platform that automatically adjusts Compute Resources to changes in real-time, streamlining a new Kubernetes experience for engineering teams.


Empower Your Business Through Cloud Economics

Cloud FinOps services from Sela let you accelerate your business with the cost-efficiency, resiliency, and collaboration you need from your cloud services and infrastructure. A consultation with our experts can unlock the true potential of your cloud resources and save you money without compromising on results.

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